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Henry was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 10 months and was told by his doctors that he would never walk, talk or stand on his own. With the assistance of the Conductive Education Center of Orlando and their conductive education programs however, Henry was able to prove his doctors wrong.

The following video created on November 16, 2017 demonstrates how within just a few weeks, conductive education helped Henry stand up on his own. His story is relevant because it proves that this type of education does in fact grant children with cerebral palsy more control of their bodies by building new neural connections in the brain.

Stories like Henry’s demonstrate the importance of raising awareness on conductive education and provides satisfaction by knowing that it does in fact helping these amazing kids gain independence and work towards becoming their best self!

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Conductive Education helps children with motor disabilities understand that they are self-sufficient and independent, through the implementation of cognitive activities and personalized education. Learn more about conductive education by watching the short clip above!

In this video however, Sofia Acosta talks about conductive education and its positive impact on children with motor disabilities. This type of education is built on the supposition that the harm done to the nervous system, which causes motor disabilities such as cerebral palsy, can be overcome through cognitive activities such as the ones promoted by CECO, according to Kenneth A. Stern.

Likewise, these activities allow the nervous system to build new neural connections that improve these children’s’ way of life. Through building neural connections children become more independent from their parents in terms of performing daily functions such as eating, dressing up, taking care of their personal hygiene, etc. and grants family members more freedom to live their lives worry free of what might happen to their children if left unattended for a moment.

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“I fall all the time!”

Matthew Struthers, an individual with cerebral palsy, gives us an insight into the life of a person with a disabled body and a perfectly enabled mind.

On June 5, 2017, he shared his story at Berklee College of Music in during a TED Talk in order to show people that cerebral palsy disables a person physically, but does not make them incapable individuals.

Many people have the misguided notion that folks with cerebral palsy are unable to think for themselves and conceive their own ideas simply because they are physically disabled. With this talk, Matthew hopes to change people’s perspectives on motor disabilities by using his unique first-hand experiences and letting others know that the sky is the limit if you believe it.

This notion ties into Unique Minds’ values because we to believe that individuals with this disability can reach for the stars with a positive mentality. Like CECO and Unique Minds, Matthew wishes to motivate individuals with cerebral palsy and encourage their growth.

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