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Learn more about CECO: Conductive Education Center of Orlando, and how they make a difference in the lives of those with cerebral palsy!

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Top 5 tips for talking to someone with Cerebral Palsy

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(Rochester, MI- 2015) Marina Morris, a woman born with cerebral palsy, won’t let her disability define who she is. In her inspirational TED Talk at Oakland University, Morris shares her own touching story, while encouraging others to find theirs.

“Everyone has a 60 second story. I’ve found mine, and want to share the steps I took to creating it and what my story is. Because, ultimately when you find yours, you’ll realize just how big of an impact you can have on your own life and the lives of those around you. Are you ready?”

She developed the concept of the ’60 second story’, a way of promoting others to come up with their own personal story, through answering 5 simple questions.

Morris’ powerful talk gives courage and inspiration to those who are looking to find their own self-discovery.

To provide support and hope for those with cerebral palsy, visit CECO: Conductive Education Center of Orlando, a nonprofit organization who offers an educational approach for those with motor disabilities like Marina.

Promotional Publications

Unique Minds PR is proud to be partnering with CECO, a local nonprofit transforming the lives of children with motor disabilities. Check them out here:


CECO Promotional Publications