A Lesson On Conductive Education

Conductive Education helps children with motor disabilities understand that they are self-sufficient and independent, through the implementation of cognitive activities and personalized education. Learn more about conductive education by watching the short clip above!

In this video however, Sofia Acosta talks about conductive education and its positive impact on children with motor disabilities. This type of education is built on the supposition that the harm done to the nervous system, which causes motor disabilities such as cerebral palsy, can be overcome through cognitive activities such as the ones promoted by CECO, according to Kenneth A. Stern.

Likewise, these activities allow the nervous system to build new neural connections that improve these children’s’ way of life. Through building neural connections children become more independent from their parents in terms of performing daily functions such as eating, dressing up, taking care of their personal hygiene, etc. and grants family members more freedom to live their lives worry free of what might happen to their children if left unattended for a moment.

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