John Quinn Shares an Encouraging Story of Achieving His Dreams While Living with Cerebral Palsy


A man born with cerebral palsy, John Quinn, shares his story of how he achieved his dreams of joining the NAVY despite his disability. Throughout this incredible TEDx event, Quinn encourages others to not let anything get in the way of reaching their goals.

Quinn talks about how he didn’t let doctors prevent him from joining the NAVY. “They said, ‘Mr. Quinn, we don’t know what’s wrong with you, but we don’t want somebody like you in the NAVY. Go home.” When he couldn’t pass the physical, he practiced every single day for a year until he was able to increase his strength and improve his performance. He kept his cerebral palsy a secret, passed the physical with flying colors, and served in the United States NAVY for twenty years.

Quinn’s influential speech about triumph promotes inclusion among those with disabilities and shows others how, as a society, we can overcome labels and find our worth.

To learn more about cerebral palsy and offer support, visit CECO: Conductive Education Center of Orlando.

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