Blog Post 2

The person I will be interviewing is Lewis Clark, Jr., MPA, VP/Marketing, Corporate Communication, Digital Media at Vero Beach Medical Center. Mr. Clark attended the University of Florida earning a degree in Public Relations. He then attended Georgia Southern University and received his MA in Public Administration. Vero is a leading hospital and medical institute in Florida. I chose Mr. Clark because of my interest in working marketing in the medical field as well as my relationship from working with him as an intern this past summer.

I want to understand how Mr. Clark views his profession especially pertaining to communication and listening. Communication was such an important part of the job this summer. Not only to patients but between co workers and departments. I noticed how the public relations and marketing department had to have an understanding and communication with many different people around the hospital to accurately communicate with patients and people they were trying to reach. Mr. Clark talks about how marketing for a hospital gets complicated because you can’t sell someone “health” like you can sell a car. This is something I want to understand more clearly so when I start my professional career I can be an effective communicator.

Blog Post 1

I think it’s important to have a brief background on the person so my first question would be about their education and work experience.

What is your educational and work background?

This could lead to other questions about why they choice this field and the things that interested them to choice this career path.

What made you interested in health communication?

I could then change this around to cater to their specific jobs whether they are a public relations professional for a hospital or a representative for a pharmaceutical company. After this I would explore the usefulness in communication in their field.

How is communication important for your profession?

Finally I would ask a two-part question. First;

What is your overall title and responsibilities?


What does your typical workday entail?

This will give a good macro and micro look at their professional responsibilities. Having an overview of the profession is important to help you start to understand what they do. What type of responsibilities do they have within the company is needed to understand a profession. The day to day question will help have a much more real look at what this person actually does. What is it like to work at this company and have this job? All companies are different and while someone might have the same responsibilities as someone else at a different company, their actual workday can be very different.