Blog #2

The professional I am planning on interviewing is Veterinarian Dr. Cynthia Thomas. Dr. Thomas graduated from The University of Florida getting a degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1986. Dr. Thomas currently works at Shaffer Animal Hospital in Oviedo and has two dogs of her own. Dr. Thomas’s daughters both attended Rollins and played on the women’s lacrosse team.

I am interested in interviewing Dr. Thomas because Vets, I believe, are part of the helping profession even though they are not technically helping humans. In a way I believe that listening could be even more important to a vet because the animals themselves cannot speak to us. This makes communications between the pet owner and the vet critical. It may in fact be more so “listening” than hearing that is important. I think that it will be very interesting to find out just how much listening impacts a vet, and they actually find themselves listening more than anything because with patients who cannot actually talk you have to be more in tune to other things that are going on. I also chose to interview Dr. Thomas because when I was younger I had an interest in becoming a vet, while that is no longer the current path I am taking, I am still interested in what it takes to be a vet.

Blog Post 2 – Interviewee

The professional that I am planning on interviewing is John Alton. In 2011, John and his wife founded Florida Swim Network, which is Florida’s leading source for swimming news. With the help of his broadcast partners, John has been given the opportunity to travel to swim meets all throughout the state of Florida to report video coverage of some of the best swim meets and swimmers in the country. John also writes stories and blogs on the popular topics in swimming, and his posts have been utilized as a source by a diverse array of media outlets.

John grew up as a swimmer in Florida, and continued his swimming career collegiately at the University of Florida. After graduating, he became a coach in the Orlando area. He coached athletes of all levels, including Olympic Trials qualifiers. In order to spread his passion for swimming, John created Florida Swim Network. Most recently, Florida Swim Network has become the primary outlet for University of Florida Swimming news and broadcasting. Florida Swim Network has been given the opportunity to have their broadcasts shown on ESPN, the SEC Network, and they have even started their own weekly TV Show called “On Deck with Florida Swim Network.”

I chose to interview John because I am interested in sports journalism, and I truly believe that listening is one of the most important aspects of his job. He cannot report the most accurate news without listening attentively to others and creating meaningful conversation.