This is a faculty-recommended list of essays, articles, books, videos, and other media that support oral history and interview methodologies, best practices, and scholarship.

What is Oral History?,” by Linda Shopes.

What is a ‘Good’ Interview?,” by Ronald J. Grele.

Conducting Interviews” in Doing Oral History: A Practical Guide, by Donald A. Ritchie.

Steering Clear of the Rocks: A Look at the Current State of Oral History Ethics in the Digital Age,” by Mary Larson.

Indexing as Engaging Oral History Research: Using OHMS to ‘Compose History’ in the Writing Classroom,” by Douglas A. Boyd, Janice W. Fernheimer, and Rachel Dixon.

Indexing Interviews in OHMS: An Overview,” by Douglas A. Boyd, Danielle Gabbard, Sarah Price, and Alana Boltz.

OHMS: Enhancing Access to Oral History for Free,” by Douglas A. Boyd.

Resources recommended by Daniel Horowitz Garcia of StoryCorp:

Ask Doug

the Oral Historian’s Toolbox

Vermont Folk Life Center Field Guides