In our Oral History Project I had to make an interview to someone that I consider that uses in a day-to-day basis the mayor listening skills while working. First I thought about interviewing the head manager of an important hotel back in Ecuador, but to be honest he is a really busy man so I decided not to and because of the logistics of arranging an interview with someone that is thousands of kilometers away I went to the option of interviewing the head manager of the current building I am living in. Luis is the head manager of the 55West building in downtown Orlando, he happens to be from my same country even from my same city. Given these facts we share, the interview was something really easy for me. Not only because I knew his type but because Latin American people tend to bond with each other better than other people from different ethnicities. Before I ask him to agree to have an interview with me I tried to know something about him, as we were chatting I started to ask him questions off the record about his job. It was here when I realized that he will be the perfect candidate for my assignment, not only because of his answers but also because everything he told me had to do with active listening and a lot of communication skills when dealing with someone. So later I ask him if he was confortable if I interview him for a college assignment I had and he was very open about the request so he agreed. I can say that it was the first time someone had ever ask him for an interview because he was really looking forward for it. I happen to see him almost every day when I walk in to the building and he asked me with joy when we where having the interview. One of the easiest things I encountered in my interview with my subject was that I already knew the person. Not only that, the person is from the same city I am, so we had a lot things in common like favorite national sports team, the passion for soccer and the hope to see our country out of poverty someday. As our interview was being done many of the questions I asked him had to do with active listening in his job, in all of the questions he replied that for him it was difficult at the beginning but later on he adapt to it and was able to give his better performance. One of the problems I faced in this interview was that while I was asking him these questions he tried to make a conversation of some other topic that wasn’t related with the interview at all, so I had to reset the interview and explain to him that I couldn’t talk about anything else that was not about the interview itself. He agreed to what I was saying, apologized and told me he felt confident talking to me about non related things because he felt he knew me and we could stand a conversation leaving aside my primary purpose which was to interview him.