Blog post 4

My overall interview experience was very good. It was funny because I interviewed my boss and she got nervous. It was very surprising for me to see her in that state because she is usually so calm and has control over every situation. Some barriers that occurred during the interview included loud noises, people walking in, and she was nervous. They are remodeling the hospital so it was very frustrating, also the construction workers needed to get into her office so we had to pause the interview. I think pausing the interview threw Ms. Hudson off because she lost her train of thought, which made me nervous. This interview made me realize that no one is perfect no matter how important they may seem, everyone gets nervous and it is okay for me to be too. Other than my interviewee being nervous I got really awesome answers from her. She is the internal marketing manager for Florida Hospital, Winter Park campus. I have noticed with my time with her that all she does is listen to people around her and some things that she says helps are writing everything down in her notebook. She struggles with the memory part of the sier model so writing everything down and taking good notes has helped her. She also tries to use the persons name multiple times in the conversation to show them that she is listening and she cares. I noticed that in the interview she did this technique a lot even talking with me she said it helps her concentrate on the conversation better. Even though we experienced these particular barriers, I learned how to work around them and I think it made me a better listener. I am glad I chose to do this interview even though I was nervous I feel as if it helped me with listening in every day life.

blog post 3

When I first sat down for my interview I was very nervous. However, I managed to get through it and find out some interesting facts about listening in the marketing profession. Kim says that listening is a very big part of her life and it all starts back to her childhood. Her parents wouldn’t give her their full attention while talking to her so now she is conscious of how important it is to listen to others. At Winter Park Hospital Kim is the manager of internal marketing so her main focus in her job is listening. She needs to gather information from the staff in the hospital and disperse it throughout. Important listening skills for her are making eye contact, giving verbal encouragers, taking notes, repeating back the information she has just received. One of her pet peeves is not writing notes when she gives someone strict instructions. For example, she told me a story about one of her interns she had a couple years back. This intern was not very respectful and Kim felt as if she were wasting her time trying to teach her. The intern would always be on her phone or when she was told to do something she would bother Kim a lot because Kim would have to stay on phone with her while she was doing the errands and that could have all been avoided if she just took notes. In our interview she described her ideal listening strategies as I stated above and it was exactly what we have been learning in class.


Below is my interview:
Key parts 11:23-24:36


Blog Post 2

I am planning to interview the Marketing Manager of Florida hospital. She is a Marketing Manager who excels in developing and implementing key marketing initiatives. Proficient communicator skilled at identifying business needs and developing appropriate strategies. Core competencies include strong organizational, oral and written skills, branding, web strategy, traditional advertising, public relations, media planning, social media, writing content, project management, internal communications, community relations, and event planning.
She mainly focuses on internal marketing for florida hospital but looks over the whole department and even works with the executive staff of the hosptial. She is working on a couple projects now that I feel will be good for this interview. Her current project is making films for a town hall meeting, with this she asks for peoples ideas. She works with a videographer to write the script and then they film the staff. This job takes a lot of patience and active listening skills. The goal with these videos is to convey current hospital updates to every staff member. She receives emails constantly of either complaints or suggestions for the hospital and she has to listen closely to them. Some people think marketing is an easy job, but there is a lot of effort that she puts into this job. I am excited to learn how she thinks listening plays a role in her job.

blog post 1- interview questions

1. Can you describe what exactly it is you do at your job and your official title?
2. What led you to this particular job and have you always wanted to do this?
3. How much schooling is required and what classes are required?
4. With this job, do you get a lot of personal time or family time?
5. How long have you been with the company?
6. What do you enjoy most about working here?
7. What advice could you give to someone looking for a job in this field?

I chose these questions because I feel these are a mix between getting to the point of the interview and getting to know the person better. All of these questions can spark deeper conversation and make the interview flow smoothly. I hope that I will get the opportunity to interview a healthcare professional; in one of the departments, I am interested in. By listening to their personal experience with the job, it will help me pick which department of healthcare I would like to pursue.