Welcome to the [True] Stories Project!

The [True] Stories project aims to support classroom-centered, multidisciplinary, and collaborative oral history curricula for undergraduates at three Liberal Arts Colleges (Rollins College, Davidson College, and Southwestern University). Funded by the Associated Colleges of the South Faculty Advancement Grant, [True] Stories provides instructors the critical resources and skills needed to make student-driven oral history work possible, enriching, impactful, and a permanent part of college collections. The project pairs full-time teaching faculty from a variety of fields (History, Communications, Anthropology, Feminist Studies, Education, and Psychology) with capable technologists and archivists on college campuses in an effort to support a diversity of classroom pedagogies and tools, and ensure that classroom oral history products are available to future generations of researchers and students.

The [True] Stories project has three central goals:

  1. Enabling inter-institutional collaboration for students, instructors, and archival professionals
  2. Supporting technology-enhanced pedagogy and technology-enabled student learning
  3. Promoting diversity and inclusion in classroom curricula and experiences for current and future learners

This website serves as the grant’s central hub. It is our hope that this shared space enables and fosters discussions between students,  instructors, archival professionals, and community members from a wide range of disciplines, expertise, and backgrounds.

– Rachel Walton (PI), Charlotte Nunes (PI), and Caitlin Christian-Lamb (PI)