Blog #4

Before conducting this interview I was extremely nervous. Prior to this interview I have never interviewed anyone before. I don’t even like to talk on the phone due to the fact I do not like my voice. This experience was a great learning experience because I learned so many things I didn’t know. I thought I had an idea of how firefighting work but I never knew all the ins and outs until after I was finished conducting this interview. I never took the time to think about all the prepping and hard work firefighters have to do. I wouldn’t say it came as a surprise that they work so hard but it was very interesting that they have to prepare so much such as work out, train and prep clothes. I knew that listening and communication played a role in firefighting but I did not know that listening was the most important aspect of firefighting. Nina Stone said over and over that the best firefighter is one who listens because if you don’t listen you can fail the mission and/or lose a team member. I never thought about the barriers a firefighter can face until Nina brought it to my attention. Nina said focus is a key part of firefighting, especially when you are on a mission. The most challenging part of conducting this interview was trying to find a perfect time to actually sit down with Nina Stone. I am glad I chose to interview Nina Stone because not only did I learn about firefighting but I also learned a few life lessons that I will never forget. Overall I would say that this interview was a success but I could not have don’t it without the help of several classmates, professor Stone, and of course Nina Stone herself.

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