Emma Bumbar Blog Post 4

Emma Bumbar


Dr. Stone

9 November 2016

Blog Post 4


My overall interview experience with Alessandro Garabaghi was very enjoyable. Not only did I get the pleasure of interviewing someone in the photography industry as a professional, but I was able to learn more information on what I want to do from an insider.

It was also very refreshing being able to get his perspective in photography from an extreme sports side as well, instead of the normal landscape or fashion photography.   I was able to take the information he gave me about listening within the industry among simple facts of photography. For example, I learned different aspects of how important listening is within the profession such as: listening to yourself and your own work, listening to the boss, to the client and anyone else’s opinion that plays a part. That the work you produce may not only be about you.

He was also able to give the perspectives of all of the other people involved and how listening can effect their jobs. He mentioned that the object of his photography, (mainly wakeboarders) sometimes had to put aside what they think is best for the situation and listen to what Alessandro thought was best for the shot.

As for challenges there were not many barriers or distractions. The interview took place in his house that is on Lake Howell, so it was generally pretty silent. The only barriers were when his dog barked a few times, and when his wife came home and forgot we were conducting an interview. The barriers didn’t really mess up the flow of the interview, besides maybe a few giggles here and there.

Listening overall throughout the interview was very easy to follow him. He made his answers very simple to follow as well as gave very clear cut, and concise answers. Another aspect that helped was the interview was generally pretty informal. So, the answers he gave were very personable which made the overall experience more comfortable.  I am very pleased with how the interview went and what I personally was able to take from the whole experience was much better than I has expected.

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