Blog Post 4

My interview with Karl Sturge was honestly a great experience for me. For, it was just like another day in the office, but that was the first time that I ever participated in a real interview. Several days before the interview, I had a real positive attitude towards it and I believed that it was going to be easy, but as the day for the interview came, nerves started to run through my body because I was scared that it was not going to go as planned. Luckily for me, Mr. Sturge showed the utmost professionalism and made my job a piece of cake. It was such an amusing experience to be able to listen to all the information Mr. Sturge had to offer. As the interview was happening, there were some barriers that I faced. One of the barriers was that Karl had been a family friend of mine for many years, which made it challenging to separate personal friendship and business during the interview, but only for the beginning of the interview. As I said earlier, Mr. Sturge always acts with the utmost professionalism, which made it easier for me to stay focused and separate our personal life from business. Also, the room created an echo at some points depending on how loudly we spoke and my uncertainty with my placement of recording device became distractions to me. Every time I though the device was maybe to close or too far, I would move it, which caused me to wonder off while Mr. Sturge was speaking. But with the barriers, came the successes. I was very pleased with the fact that we did not have to take a break once during the entire interview or have any awkward moments. I came in to the interview expecting to maybe have to take a break here or there to gather our thoughts or to gather our focus, but fortuitously for me, we ran a smooth interview. Also, Mr. Sturge was able to give me more than enough information that I needed for this project, without having to deviate from my scripted questions. I got out every bit of information, and more, that I needed. All in all, I would say my interview was not only a success, but an eye-opening experience that I am glad I participated in.

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