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My overall interview experience was very good. It was funny because I interviewed my boss and she got nervous. It was very surprising for me to see her in that state because she is usually so calm and has control over every situation. Some barriers that occurred during the interview included loud noises, people walking in, and she was nervous. They are remodeling the hospital so it was very frustrating, also the construction workers needed to get into her office so we had to pause the interview. I think pausing the interview threw Ms. Hudson off because she lost her train of thought, which made me nervous. This interview made me realize that no one is perfect no matter how important they may seem, everyone gets nervous and it is okay for me to be too. Other than my interviewee being nervous I got really awesome answers from her. She is the internal marketing manager for Florida Hospital, Winter Park campus. I have noticed with my time with her that all she does is listen to people around her and some things that she says helps are writing everything down in her notebook. She struggles with the memory part of the sier model so writing everything down and taking good notes has helped her. She also tries to use the persons name multiple times in the conversation to show them that she is listening and she cares. I noticed that in the interview she did this technique a lot even talking with me she said it helps her concentrate on the conversation better. Even though we experienced these particular barriers, I learned how to work around them and I think it made me a better listener. I am glad I chose to do this interview even though I was nervous I feel as if it helped me with listening in every day life.

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  1. November 13, 2016 / 3:21 am

    Hi Gianna,

    You seem to have learned a lot from your interview. The person you interviewed sounds very knowledgable about her profession, and about how to listen to others. Reading this blog post reminded me of some key elements to show a person that you’re listening, such as mentioning their name throughout the conversation. It sounds like it was nice for you to see another side of your interviewee, to see her outside of her element. I’m sure this taught you both a lot.

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