Blog Post 4

I would say my overall interview experience with Dr. AD was a very successful and enjoyable one. Being my first time interviewing a person, I felt it was easy to talk to my interviewee and make it more of a conversation rather than an interview. Since Dr. AD is actually my chiropractor, it was really easy to schedule an interview with her, which is always good. During the actual interview, it was laid-back and we were able to talk like any other time I see her. Even though the interview went well, there was still a couple of things that I felt were barriers. The first barrier was that there was music playing over the PA the whole time during our interview. Her office plays soothing music for the patients to enjoy and we did the interview in one of the adjustment rooms. Luckily, the music was not too loud so it was not a problem for the recording (it actually added a nice background music to my recording.) Also, I felt it difficult for myself to focus because of the people in the other room talking. There is no door between he adjustment room and where the rest of the patients sit so I had to really focus on not getting distracted. Throughout my whole interview process, the only thing that surprised me was how short my interview was. It scared me in a way because Dr. AD was answering my questions rather quickly. It made me really think on my feet. I had to think of a lot of follow-up questions. But even that was not enough. I had to think of completely new questions to ask because of how quickly she answered my other ones. Aside from that, the whole interview process was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing more in the future.

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