Blog Post 4

For my TRUE Stories project I interviewed an estate litigation lawyer. I had some prior knowledge about the law going into the interview because I have some relatives who also practice but I was still a little apprehensive about the interview process. My interviewee is a very intelligent person and has been practicing law for many years now so I really got the full insight into what a day in the life of a lawyer is like. It was a very interesting experience; interviewing someone for that long period of time because I have never done it before. I thought that it would become painful with my repetition of¬†asking questions but she did a great job with keeping the conversation lively and giving me responses that I could give feedback and spin off a new question with. It was also interesting to look at a practice like law in terms of the way of listening. I had some clue that law required a decent amount of listening because of clients, judges, and mediators but I had no idea how important it really was. She said that it is one of the biggest parts of her job and she has to practice listening 24/7 while she is at the firm’s office. We did not face many challenges or barriers during the interview in terms of between the interviewer and interviewee but we had to conduct the interview over the phone and I had to record it through my computer. There were some times where the channel of the message became a bit static and was hard to hear at certain parts of the interview. Other than channel of communication there were not many barriers to our interview. I believe that¬†success in the interview came with how easily the conversation flowed. I had lots of questions written out but I only ended up using a handful of them because our conversation was able to spark new questions with almost every response. Overall, I found the project to be very interesting and very helpful for when we graduated from undergraduate school and look for jobs in the real world.

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