Blog Post 4

My interview went extremely well besides the story corp app deleted my physical interview. But before it did I was able to transcribe some of my interview. My interview went extremely well and I was able to meet the requirement of being 30 minutes. This is what I was originally worried about.  However, it went extremely well once we got into our flow.  I interviewed an elementary school teacher, Rachel, who works at Lakemont Elementary school.

When we first started our interview it was a bit awkward Rachel was not used to being interviewed so there were a lot of um’s and nervous laughs within her answers. This was from my side as well I was not used to interviewing so I had to learn what to ask and how to ask. I noticed that she would answer the minimum very short answers. So I had to ask question words like, why, how, and when. I had to push her to get her talking more and more. It was interesting because I learned so much from this one conversation. At the beginning, we were focusing on listening and Rachel said that is her whole job. She then went into details of who she has to listen to and why. For example, she has to listen to parents, co-workers, her principal, and the students. If she doesn’t listen properly to the students than they might do poorly on a test or standardized test because they could not understand the lesson.

The second part of the interview was much more of a conversation. I started asking her questions about her experiences and her advice. It almost became like a mentor session and was so helpful because she prepared me for what I will face. I loved the interview I learned a lot and how to properly interview.Overall, I wanted to interview someone with my future career so I could relate and understand the importance of listening within their field.

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