StoryCorps Demo

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our live demo of the StoryCorps app.  For those of you who missed it, below is a brief outline of what we covered in the demo.

  • Jane Field explained the StoryCorps App and all it’s features.
  • Rachel Walton showed how to post your content from StoryCorps to the blog.
  • Scott Bokash went over how to create a clip of your interview in MediaSpace and post it to the blog.

You can also watch the entire recording here:

StoryCorps has a step-by-step guide to downloading an unpublished interview from your phone to your computer using either an iPhone or an Android.

[A final note: In our demo, we didn’t mention that you can also create a custom question list in the web browser using the Question Generator–which you can then send to the email address associated with your StoryCorps account. This would be useful for sending the question list to your interview subject in advance so that they can have time to prepare thoughtful responses to your questions.]

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