Blog Post 1- Interview Questions

The best way to start of an interview is just general introductions of the person I am interviewing as well as introducing myself. Then I would start with a broad opening question such as:

  1. Tell me a little about your profession, and some background information. What does a typical day look like for someone in this profession?

This is great question to get things going. It allows both of us to get comfortable with each other, which can set the stage for some more in depth questions to come. It allows gives me a jumping off point and lead to further questions later in the interview because I will have some background knowledge on the profession

A second question I would ask in the interview would be:

  1. Were there any life events or moments that you head that lead to you the profession that you are in today?

By asking this question I get to know the person for more than just their profession. I get to learn about what inspires them and what leads people to pick the jobs that they have. I think it will be interesting to learn how certain moments in people’s lives can shape the person they grow up, and how those events or moments and push them in the direction they are now going. I believe that one moment can have a big impact on your life and I am interested to see if others believe that as well.

Another question I would ask:

  1. What would you say the greatest challenge of your profession is?

This allows me to get little more personal with the person that I am interviewing and some really “raw” answers. Everyone sees different things as more challenging than others so this is a question that really can let you understand a person, and make the interview about, and not so much just about person in that line of work. You are asking for THEIR opinion, not a general opinion of people in that field.

To move on from that and switch gears I would as a question such as:

  1. What is your favorite part of your profession/job. What makes your job worth doing?

Again with question I am keeping it pretty personal. I want answers that are genuine and if you ask people for their own thoughts, and their own likes I feel you are likely to get a genuine answer that also could apply to others who would want to work in that profession, so it serves a dual purpose. Plus, I’m hoping with a question like this I will get an answer that strikes a chord, and could inspire someone listening to the interview.

Finally, to finish I would ask:

  1. If you could tell one thing to people trying to get into your profession what you tell them?

I think this is a great place to leave off. Some words of wisdom to send people off with to hopefully get them motivated and inspired.

2 thoughts on “Blog Post 1- Interview Questions

  1. Gianna Raponi September 2, 2016 / 6:15 pm

    I think these questions are great to ask in an interview, you will definitely get to know about their job and why they chose it. An interesting question that I want to add to mine is what makes your job worth doing. I thought this was a good question because it really can get the interviewee to open up and you can connect with them on a more personal level.

  2. Gianna Raponi September 2, 2016 / 6:24 pm

    I think that these are really great questions, it will help you get a better understanding of what exactly the interviewee does. I also really like the question what makes your job worth doing. I think that it will get you to connect with the interviewee on an more personal level. I will probably add that question to my list.

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