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Through this process I have grown a lot in my research and writing abilities.  I have learned that during the initial research process that it is more free and open to see what you find.  As I was focusing more on the topic that I wanted to write about, my research search was more specific.  I wanted to keep reading more as I found sources.  I did find however that sometimes you need to write about what information you are finding, not what you think you are trying to find.

It was a learning experience searching through the sources. ‘There were so many to choose from.  I can’t say that I have ever used peer reviewed sources before in my research when writing a paper.  I found that when reading these sources I became more interested in the topic.  It also opened my perspective to different ways of looking at the situation and conclusions that I had made about what I was writing about.

I would say that my research skills have increased tremendously in this experience.  I was very unsure of what sources I was choosing or how I was going to put them together.  I found that the different sources did not necessarily have to agree with each other for them to be used together in the argument that I was trying to make.  I had a very linear thought process before and now I see that it doesn’t have to be.  I have to follow where the information is taking me.

In the future I will be more confident about my ability to write an paper.  I have a baseline of what to do and resources to guide me along the way.  This has been a great foundation for me in my journey of writing.  I do know that this is a skill that I will continue grow in my academic and professional life.

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