Student Supports: Developmental Education and Other Academic Programs

I found this article to be very interesting because is talks about different ideas that can support students going to college.  A statistic from the article states “Less than 60 percent of students at four-year colleges graduate within six years, and at some colleges, the graduation rate is less than 10 percent”(93).  That statistic is staggering.  It speaks about the incoming students and how they are ill prepared for college.  Most schools will put students in remedial or developmental courses to give the student support for futures classes.  However, this article takes a look at how this so called support can actually be hindering some students.  This article also takes a look at student support services and their effectiveness.  There was mostly positive results from these services but it was noticed that the use of these services drops significantly after the first year or two of the student attending the college.  There were a few different studies that were performed to increase the participation from students in these services, however the costs were significant.  It is interesting to learn about the different ideas that people are trying to help make getting an education good for everyone involved.

Bettinger, Eric P., Angela Boatman, and Bridget Terry Long. “Student Supports: Developmental Education and Other Academic Programs”. The Future of Children 23.1 (2013): 93–115. Web…

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