Sentenced to Debt

This article talks about the increasing costs of education.  One quote  “Since 1985, college tuition has gone up 559 percent, and with it, massive indebtedness. ”  pretty well defines the money stress that college students now have.  This debt is changing what individuals are able to do after college.  The article states that the group of people that are currently paying student loans tend to purchase used cars as opposed to new and home ownership is down 36 percent within this group.  It talks about different ideas to assist those that are repaying loans, like have a 10 percent of their income as a cap for payment or having financial aid tied to college performance.  Just knowing that people are looking at this with concern is comforting.  Although it does point out some shortfalls in these ideas there is a growing number of people and institutions looking at this problem.


Ross, Scot, and Mike Browne. “Sentenced To Debt.” Progressive 77.11 (2013): 32-34. Academic Search Premier. Web. 17 Apr. 2016.

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