Participation and Exclusion: A Comparative Analysis of Non-Traditional Students and Lifelong Learners in Higher Education

I found this article to be interesting because it is looking into what defines the nontraditional student.  With this group growing quickly the definition that was used before seems to be too broad.  This article looks into 3 topics, the patterns of participation of nontraditional students, whether nontraditional classification is still relevant and what life long learning means to universities.   The study was done in 10 different countries to see if these issues were relevant.  It talks about what defines the nontraditional student and reasons for them choosing to go back to college.   Some reasons were, the changing job market and social status reasons.  The article talks about how because there are more opportunities like special programs or increased opportunities that in some places this group of students is no longer the minority.  They are becoming the new majority of the student population.

Schuetze, Hans G., and Maria Slowey. “Participation and Exclusion: A Comparative Analysis of Non-traditional Students and Lifelong Learners in Higher Education”. Higher Education 44.3/4 (2002): 309–327. Web…

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