Process Post

In this stage of the research process I have noticed that I have been getting stuck in reading too much information.  There are so many pertinent sources to what my research topic is about.  What I have found is that I need to narrow who my audience is and what the argument is truly trying to say.  My focus was a little to broad and I was unable to find one thing to talk about.  In this process I have had to look at the data that I have found and think, what is it that I want to talk about.  What is relevant to me.  There are so many interesting sides to every argument.  I also was given the advice to talk about something that I do not necessarily already have the answer to.  This brought a new perspective to analyzing the data that i had for an argument.  I wanted to hear and learn more about a specific thought that I was still questioning.  In all, this has been both a learning experience in research and a confidence building one, in that I can read multiple articles and tie them together.

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