As Portrait of Typical Student Changes, So Do Worries About Costs

This article talks about how students are changing how they are getting their education completed.  There is an increase in enrollment to colleges but they are more adult learners, part-time students and transfer/dual enrollment students.  The other type of education that was talked about was the increase in non degree programs where certificates are awarded.  This type of award is now second to bachelor’s degrees.   The other interesting point was the increase in students that are transferring between institutions.  More that half of students that transferred moved from an four-year to a community college.  Some reasons that were formulated were the costs and difficulty in classes.  Some colleges are now offering programs where you can attend both the four-year institution and a community college concurrently to obtain their degree without affecting their financial aid.  While the cost of education is in forefront of a lot of people, having good information is as well.  The Education Department is also looking at the demographics that institutions are getting their data from and how they can expand upon them to get a real picture of trends.

Lipka, Sara. “As Portrait of Typical Student Changes, so do Worries about Costs.”The Chronicle of Higher Education (2012)ProQuest. Web. 8 Apr. 2016.

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