Living on or off campus matters

Meg small, Lisa Bailey-davis, Nicole Morgan, and Jenifer Mags wrote an article pertaining to the up’s and down’s of the relationship between eating habits as well as physical health habits in college.It was interesting to see the correlation they made with the student’s motivations, it seemed to make a clear point on today’s lazy youth. Their eating and exercise habits relied solely on proximity, the available resources determined their outcomes. for instance the further the gym was the less likely they were to use it. Studies showed that students who lived in a dorm with a dining hall ate much more. The statistics were astounding, only one in three college student consumes the suggested daily value of fruits and vegetables, On that note only one in three college student also becomes sedentary throughout their college years. These students reported engaging in less than 1 hour of physical activity even while having an abundance of fitness facilities along with many playing fields and swimming pools.


Meg Small, Lisa Bailey-Davis, Nicole Morgan, and Jennifer Maggs
Changes in Eating and Physical Activity Behaviors Across Seven Semesters of College: Living On or Off Campus Matters Health Educ Behav August 2013 40: 435-441. March 17 2016

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