Eating habits in college

A phrase I’ve heard many times but never understood the meaning of was the “freshman15” it sounds like a gang to me, but according to , it is when students gain weight during their first year of college. “very year, there are some who actually do¬†fall victim to the act of gaining 15 (or more) pounds during their first year of college. And while many others do not gain exactly 15 or more pounds, college weight gain in general is still a problem. A 2006 report by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that college freshmen gained weight at a rate of 5.5 times greater than the rest of the population.” Apparently this is more than a trend it is now an expected behavior of all incoming freshman, a stage in the transition to adulthood.


Matthew Choi Taitano. Eating habits in college. The Daily Princetonian. march 4 2015. web. March 17 2016.

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