We are now on to paper two, the process so far has been a smooth one. On our first paper we made our arguments based off of previous ones We’re slowly uncovering our interests for the next topic of discussion and I have to say it’s pretty exciting to be able to take this next paper into any direction we want (with regard to the argument at hand.)  We’ve learned to synthesize our sources to lead us in the right direction as well as use the advanced search a bit more efficiently to get the most out of it. I’m leaning in the direction of health and fitness as it relates to academic performance, at first I found sources more relative to socioeconomic stressors but after last week’s class I got some help, I’ve now come across posts that focus on the science behind both physical activity and cognitive functions. The only bump in the road seems to be cutting down on the amount of sources, I’d like to think that that’s a good problem to have.

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