Here’s what we know about football and brain injuries

I came across this one and chuckled a bit, since we were on the subject of exercise and improving brain function it seemed only appropriate to talk about the not so rainbows-and-sunshine portion of the pie. Many football players are plagued with the stigma of having multiple concussions and injuries of the like, and for good reason. There are many injuries commonly acquired through the rough nature of the game we all know and love. what we don’t know is that they are so common that they have names such as a degenerative brain disease by name chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE caused by repetitive brain traumas due to the harsh blows. Athletes can get be affected by this on the football field, the boxing ring, or even the hockey rink. as most may be aware, when tissue is damaged it grows back tougher as the body’s way of protecting itself. this growth is though to be the reason behind the progressive disease as these injuries are the culprit of the overgrowth of abnormal proteins in the brain. Being that it is both symptomatic and asymptomatic it is unsure whether the cause of other neurological diseases that are also associated with football injuries.

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