Factors Influencing Persistence Among Nontraditional University Students


I found this research article very interesting.  I was a study that was conducted to find out what was influencing nontraditional students to complete their education.  I was not surprised to learn that the persistent rates were not significantly different between men and women.  The interesting spot for me is the difference between what the men and women felt when going to school and having other obligations that may have suffered in time.  I was surprised to hear that nontraditional students have lower graduation rates than traditional students.  It is something that I can relate to in my own experience where this is my second attempt at completing my degree.  Some of the results stated that women seem to have more conflict with their time.  They generally consider being successful at a job or task with the amount of time that is spent on that task.  And the most significant conflict was between work and school.  I can identify with this as well as it is a conflict that I am experiencing right now.  I want to make sure that i am doing well at work and do not want to have to take time away from there.  However, my education is also very important and i want to make sure that I am devoting the right amount of time to ensure my success.


Markle, Gail. “Factors Influencing Persistence Among Nontraditional University Students.” Adult Education Quarterly 65.3 (2015): 267-285. Academic Search Premier. Web. 11 Mar. 2016.

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