Dealing With the Stress of College

In this article it talks about the increased number of nontraditional students attending college and how that number will continue to grow.  The stress that these students are coming with is different than the stress that a traditional student would have.  It speaks to the need of higher education institutions to understand the stressors and their availability of resources for nontraditional students to cope with them.  It also talks about the how the positive and negative appraisals will predict both positive and negative  coping mechanisms that the students will have.  The key stressors for adult students tend to be family-school and work-school conflicts.  The article talks about the unique needs that adult students bring with them and suggestions on how to address them.  It also found that work was the greatest stressor to the adult student.  The ability to change the demands of family or social life were easier than being able to change their work life.


Giancola, Jennifer Kohier, Matthew J. Grawitch, and Dana Borchert. “Dealing With The Stress Of College: A Model For Adult Students.” Adult Education Quarterly 59.3 (2009): 246-263. Academic Search Premier. Web. 11 Mar. 2016.

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