Process Post 2

The process of finding the new sources for our research has expanded.   Going to the archives for our first research process was a good foundation.  In going to the online library our options have expanded.   In our first attempts at searching the library we found that our search words were too vague.   The results were many and not relevant to what our topic was.  As we did further research we shared our articles that we found with each other.  We discussed why we thought they were interesting or relevant.  We also found that the key words that were suggested in the sources that we liked were helpful in leading us to other sources were relevant and useful.   We have found that we have drifted some from the initial ideas that we had.  They are further evolving from reading more thoughts and ideas that others have had.  For example, the first text that I chose was more a novelty to our topic.  The sources that I am finding now have more scientific weight.  It can seem overwhelming at times because there is so much to choose from.  What we are learning to do is to read some of the text that seems relevant and decide if it is in the direction that we want to go.

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