preparing students for after-college life:the context

This one ties beautifully into the study on the egyptian students in my personal opinion, not because it proves the previous article but rather shows the transition through college in a softer light. This is evident in one of the first paragraph “What role do colleges and universities play in preparing students for life after college? Much like parents who continually balance caring for their child versus carrying their child, colleges and universities must define their role in educating students in a way that will assist them not only during their time as students, but for the long term as well.” (smith 5) The carry vs caring concept¬†conveys the ideals of the roles that college plays in a students life ¬†by drawing a comparison to parenting. It defines the higher education system as a means of preparing for life and one’s future, not just the detrimental effects of being away from home. Smith further justifies the approach of creating this healthy balance through the “doctrine of ‘in loco parentis,’ a Latin phrase that means ‘in the place of a parent.'” (smith 5)


Smith, Kelli K. “Preparing Students For After-College Life: The Context.” New Directions For Student Services 2012.138 (2012): 5-12. Academic Search Premier. Web. 26 Feb. 2016.


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