Higher Education Journals’ Discourse about Adult Undergraduate Students

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This source that I found focuses on adults in college.  It takes a look at how often this group is looked at in research and the perception that they are given.  There is an  increasing number of adult students (age 25 and older) that are now attending.   It is interesting to see how many adults are going back to school.   It is somewhat telling about what may have happened in the first attempt for some adults in their earlier years of going to college.  The article goes on to talk about how institutions also are changing in their focus to include adult students.  There was as study done in 1998 by Pascarella and Terenzini.  It went over the lack of focus on adult students.  Now as the number of adult students is increasing institutions are taking notice.  The now advertise directly to this group and offer more options then just the “standard” education.   There is a different perception of adult students in higher education and this text takes a look at that.

Donaldson, Joe F., and Barbara K. Townsend. “Higher Education Journals’ Discourse About Adult Undergraduate Students.”Journal Of Higher Education 78.1 (2007): 27-50. Academic Search Premier. Web. 26 Feb. 2016.


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