Thirdsight Map and Legend

Thirdsight Map and Legend


1.       Langford Resort Hotel was the original hotel in which the Alfond Inn is located, It was considered to be a vacation resort for the wealthy to escape the anxieties in the world in the 1950s.

2.       The Flamingo Club was an entertainment club where people went to dance and drink their anxieties away. It had live entertainment and was a club that showed social prestige in the 1950s.

3.       The Holiday Inn was one of the first Hotel chains in America to serve the modest family on a road trip; it was founded by Kemmons Wilson in the 1950s as a result of his anxieties while on roadtrips with his family.

4.       The Family House Boat with the television on board illustrates the things that were valued in the 1950s decade; it illustrates the importance how leisure and television offered relief from the anxieties of the time.

5.       The 1950s Buick dealership shows American made cars that ranked social class in the 1950s, it shows how people were willing to spend what they didn’t have in order to impress or show class status.

6.       Women Shopping for clothes shows that women of the 1950’s were no longer making their own clothing as they did in decades previous and that they all wanted to have the latest and greatest styles that were popular for the times; looking good and keeping up with the Jones’s took away the anxieties they suffered during WWII and the Depression from the decades prior to the 1950s.

7.       Publix Supermarket was considered to be a food palace where everything was conveniently located in one store; there was no more milk man delivering groceries; convenience meant less stress and also showed class status.

8.       The appliance store of the 1950s was a store found to be isolated from others where others went for a specific purpose, unlike our malls and superstores of today; in the 1950s there was not a superstore that sold appliances, furniture and other home goods;  the ladies of the 1950s wanted to keep up with the latest technology in their new suburban homes.

9.       The  property advertisement represents the American dream to build a home in a climate that had it all, location, warm weather, and prestige; all of which secluded them from the real problems in the world

10.   The General Electric Credit photo represents that if you didn’t have the cash to buy what you wanted, there were credit options available to help you keep up with the others around you without them knowing your economic status.

11.   The American Express ad was encouraging people who couldn’t afford a vacation to take one anyway and worry about how you will afford it later, which appealed to those who just needed to get away from the stress of their daily lives.

12.   The 55 West Apartments show how overdone needs like a home are being constructed today; it is like a mini city in an apartment complex, with 10 floors of convenient parking, convenience stores, and convenient locations. These types of homes are being built to help people get to work quicker and allow them to put more time in at work, but at the same time limiting family time and outside space.

13.   Audi South Orlando shows how foreign cars are taking over as the car with prestige; they are taking jobs out of America when people buy them instead of Ford or a General Motor car of the 1950s.

14.   Lottery Tickets from a local gas station show that even a gas station’s product promotes wants rather than needs and can give false hope about getting out of personal debt or false hope of being able to escape the anxieties of today with money.

15.   The Billboard on I-4 makes empty promises and gives false hope and anxiety to society, it encourages suing people for money which was never theirs. Today people  do not care what it takes to get themselves out of the hole they have gotten themselves into with money, in the 1950s they tried to hide it, today they try to get it however they can.

16.   The Luxurious House on Osceola House shows how extreme and elaborate society has gotten; the house has a driveway that could park at least 6 cars and 2 garages to store more cars and material items that promote societal class.

17.   The Millennia Mall show how out of control convenient shopping has gotten since the mom and pop showrooms of the 1950s; it is full of advertisements that tell you your purchases will make your life better and happier.