Comparing the Times

Comparing the Times


One emotion that was felt in the 1950s, was fear. Fear came in different forms and sizes. Most people had similar fears, but each fear varied. Fear was a part of daily life in the 1950s. Three fears that many had in common was the fear of women doing well, fear of communism, and the fear of homosexuality. Some of these fears have changed overtime, or no longer exist.


During the 50s, the fear of communism was on everyone’s mind. This fear was so powerful, propaganda was created. This fear was so installed in people.



The fear of Communism has changed to the fear of a cyber attack. We are always on edge of another country stealing our information.



Before the 1950s, Rosie the Riveter was an icon for women join the workforce. The fear of women being successful continued into the 1950s. Men did wanted women to follow their stereotype and be submissive.


Today, women have come so far. Hillary Clinton, ran for president, which people would never thought a women could run. Although there is still a fear of women becoming successful. This is an example of another fear that has changed over time.


In the 1950s, homosexuality was a giant fear. There was no talk about homosexuality at all. People who were part of this community had to keep quite.

SÃO PAULO, SP, 04.05.2014 – PARADA GAY: A 18a Parada Gay  começa na tarde deste domingo na Avenida Paulista e percorre até a Praça Roosevelt em São Paulo. (Foto: Ben Tavener / Brazil Photo Press).

Today, homosexuality is more accepted more than ever. Once a huge fear for America, has dwindled to nothing. A little over a year ago, gay marriage was legalized all over America.


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