Imagine a picture where a black man, an Asian man, and a Hispanic man are standing together.

What is the social issue you are thinking about?

“RACISM”, right?

What about white people? No, they won’t be discriminated.



When we talk about race, it seems that white people don’t have a “race”. We assume that white people won’t face the problem of discrimination. However, although white people are the privileged people, they will face in some special circumstances.

Schneider (2000) writes a news about FIVE WHITE PROFESSORS suing Livingstone College, a historically black institution, accusing it of race discrimination.

The plaintiffs contend that the Livingstone College has systematically:

  • Fired and demoted white professors
  • Denied them promotions
  • Subjected them to harassment.

In the document, Barbara A. Brown, vice president of academic affairs at the time, recommended replacing four white department heads. All of the named successors are black. Next, to the entry for the English department, for which there is no named replacement, a handwritten notation reads, “Bring in black Ph.D. chair.” Livingstone didn’t explain why it was firing Mr. Steinberg or why he wasn’t being given a full year’s notice, as the faculty handbook calls for.


When we pay much attention to the racial problems of minorities, don’t ignore the discrimination towards Whites happening among us.

Anti-Racism ≠Anti-White!



Schneider, Alison. 2000. “Five white professors sue a black college for race discrimination.The Chronicle of Higher Education.

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