Experiences of discrimination are associated with tobacco and alcohol use, and work is a common setting where individuals experience racial/ethnic discrimination. Few studies have evaluated the association between workplace discrimination and these behaviors, and none have described associations across race/ethnicity.

  • Discrimination was more common among black non-Hispanic (21%), Hispanic (12%), and other race respondents (11%) than white non-Hispanics (4%).
  • In the total sample, discrimination was associated with current smoking, daily smoking, and heavy drinking, but not binge or any drinking.
  • Among Hispanics, workplace discrimination was associated with increased heavy and binge drinking, but not any alcohol use or smoking.
  • Workplace discrimination among black non-Hispanics and white Non-Hispanics was associated with increased current and daily smoking, but not alcohol outcomes.



Chavez, Laura J., India J. Ornelas, Courtney R. Lyles, Emily C. Williams. 2015. “Racial/Ethnic Workplace Discrimination Association with Tobacco and Alcohol Use.” American Journal of Preventive Medicine 48(1): 42-49.

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