Chinese restaurants have more Chinese waiters or waitresses;

Mexican restaurants have more Hispanic waiters or waitresses;

Japanese restaurants have more Japanese waiters or waitresses…

Seems normal, right?

What about those fancy, expensive, high-class restaurants? Do they have some unique racial composition feature?



    Bendick Jr et al. (2009) tests White and racial minorities with equal qualifications applied simultaneously for 43 waiter/waitress jobs in New York City fine dining restaurants. The results are:

  • Applicants of all demographic backgrounds were treated with equal courtesy, but minorities were only 54% as likely as whites to receive a job offer.
  • This discrimination, either conscious or unconscious, was documented in 31% of restaurants tested.
  • Post-hiring differences appear even more widespread, with the front of the house minority restaurant servers averaging 12% lower earnings than their equally qualified white peers.



So, I guess waiters or waitresses’ skin colors do affect people’s appetite.

How “scientific” is that!



Bendick Jr, Marc, Rekha Eanni Rodriguez, and Sarumathi Jayaraman. 2009. “Employment discrimination in upscale restaurants: Evidence from matched pair testing.” The Social Science Journal 47 (4): 802-818.

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