In the Age of Trump

Key Terms:

  • Alt-Right
  • Fake News
  • White Nationalism

Words in the Age of Trump

In the age of Donald Trump’s presidency, there are words that have developed popularity and new meanings. This article discusses the meanings of these words, such as, “Fake news” and, “Immigrant” have developed new racist meanings. Trump has endorsed the fruition of a society with many racial issues and a large debate around white privilege. The goal of this article is to introduce you to the norms in, “The Age of Trump” and aid in grasping an understanding of the dilemma the United States faces with Donald Trump as President.

Savan, Leslie. 2017. “Words in the Age of Trump”

The Identity Politics of Whiteness

This article is perfect to start the section, “White Identity in the Age of Trump” as it discusses Trumps use of whiteness in politics. As part of his campaign to become president, Trump appealed to the fear of white Americans to secure votes.

Lalami, Laila. 2016. “The Identity Politics of Whiteness”

How Political Science Helps Explain the Rise of Trump: The Role of White Identity and Grievances

This piece written during Trump’s campaign in March of 2016 highlights the conversation surrounding Trump’s fear tactic of turning attention to the potential growth of, “non-white America”. The discussion surrounding the success of instilling this fear of the “other” speaks volumes to how White Identity in the age of Trump has grown.

Tesler, Michael & Sidesm John. 2016. ”How political science helps explain the rise of Trump: the role of white identity and grievances”

Donald Trump and the Rise of White Identity in Politics

The discussion that the authors highlight here is the connection between Trump’s political campaign and white identity politics. What these, “white identity politics” are and how their effects were influential in Donald Trump’s campaign are discussed. Through the charts in this source, we see how the strength of, “White Residents’ Racial Identity” is a predictor of how likely they are to support Donald Trump.

Knowles, Eric & Tropp, Linda. 2016. “Donald Trump and the rise of white identity in politics”

Apparently, Free Speech Is a White Privilege

This article discusses protesting and how people often invoke the first amendment when people criticize them for doing or say offensive things. The author identifies the double standard seen in white supremacists marching and be identified as exercising free speech, while African Americans protesting and being chastised for inciting violence or being disrespectful in a way that we rarely criticize white people.

Harriot, Michael. 2107. “Apparently, Free Speech Is a White Privilege”