Racial Passing

Racial passing is when a member of one race can be accepted as another race

Key Terms:

  • Hypodescent
  • Racial Identity
  • One Drop Rule

Striking Photos Challenge The Way We See Blackness

This article discusses the stories of individuals and why they identify as a certain race. Their stories discuss why they choose to identify as black and how the one drop rule plays into that. The rule looks at the ancestry of individuals and says that an individual is considered black if they possess at least one drop of African-American blood.

Barness, Sarah. 2016. “Striking Photos Challenge The Way We See Blackness”

Who Is Black? One Nation’s Definition

This article discusses the one drop rule more in detail and explains how this is something that only America has adopted. The author discusses how America has adopted racist terms and a definition for blacks. They argue that the one drop identity is unique to America as it one of the only countries that uses this.

Davis, F. James, 1991. “Who Is Black? One Nation’s Definition”