Police Brutality – An Overview

Police Brutality has long been a topic of discussion, both in the United States and worldwide.  In our public syllabi, we aim to look at some of the many articles and other accounts that discuss police brutality.  From social movements such as #blacklivesmatter to the idea of racism within police brutality, we examine the many issues that have been raised.  How does a police officer decide when it is right to shoot?  How long has police brutality existed?  What other countries is police brutality occurring in?  Our public syllabi answers all these questions along with many others.

Reading List:

General Idea of Police Brutality:

Direct Cause of Police Brutality

Public Opinion Toward Police Brutality

The Feelings in Law Enforcement Process

Deep-rooted Causes

Stereotype in Law enforcement


Negative Effect

Divided Society

Minorities Pressure



Social Movement

Education of Police Brutality toward Minorities

Global Police Brutality

Some Transformation

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