The Blue Line on Thin Ice: Police Use of Force Modifications in the Era of Cameraphones and YouTube

Today, the popularity of cameras and online social media’s have contributed to the increasing public’s exposure to police behaviors. The historical invisibility is replaced by “new visibility” of front-line police work. More transparency of police behaviors let general public more concerned about that because they feel uncomfortable with violence. In this study, they find that policemen are aware of their behavior is visible so they need to be more careful in using violence in Canada. Therefore, the prevalence of cameras can change the dynamics of policing. We may expect police brutality can be improved by more visibility and increasing public awareness.


BROWN, G. R. (2016). THE BLUE LINE ON THIN ICE: POLICE USE OF FORCE MODIFICATIONS IN THE ERA OF CAMERAPHONES AND YOUTUBE. British Journal Of Criminology, 56(2), 293-312. doi:10.1093/bjc/azv052



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