Creating Space for the “Uncomfortable”

How do we begin to talk about issues like police brutality?  Despite it’s relevance in society, it is not an easy topic to discuss.  It is something that needs to be brought up though in order to draw attention to the problems and create solutions.   In the wake of the killing of Michael Brown, Felicia Mitchell was directly engaged with this problem as she was teaching a social work class regarding culture.  With such a controversial topic, it is hard to know how to go about discussions.  Mitchell took this as an opportunity to inform students about all that was going on.  Her article gives a great layout as to how difficult things such as the shooting of an innocent young man and police brutality can be handled in the classroom.

Link to Article:


Mitchell, Felicia M. “Creating Space for the ‘Uncomfortable’: Discussions about Race and Police Brutality in a BSW Classroom.” Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, vol. 21, no. 3, Summer2015, pp. 4-9. EBSCOhost,



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