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The True Culprit

Even though there is a common narrative that the dreamers’ parents are criminals for migrating to the U.S. illegally, this perception does not acknowledge the role that NAFTA played in these immigrants’ lives. Eliminating the DACA program involves punishing and deporting the dreamers unjustly because it ignores the fact that a big part of these immigrants were forced to come live in the U.S. after NAFTA started taking place. The real criminals are the government officials that helped create these trade treaties and economic reforms, thinking of their own economic gain at the expense of families who were struggling to survive and make ends meet. Not only the Dreamers, but also a large portion of immigrants in the U.S., felt the economic and personal impact that NAFTA had on their lives and forced them to decide to move to the U.S. for better opportunities.

Bacon, David. 2017.“Don’t Punish the Dreamers— Punish the Corporations Driving Forced Migration,” In These Times, September 11.