How You See People With Disabilities

How You See People With Disabilities

How do you feel when you see someone roll by in a wheelchair?

Now imagine if that was you.

How would you feel, knowing that people see you in a different light just because you are in a wheelchair?  People with disabilities know how we feel when we see them.

This publication promotes a video PSA shared in an article by Huffington Post in which people with varying kinds of disabilities talk about what it is like to have their disability and how people react to their disability. The following are the three takeaways from the video:

  • Society does not correlate disability and being attractive
  • A person is not their ability
  • Over a billion people globally live with some form of disability

This video promotes the acceptance of people with disabilities in society. The PSA shows real people with real disabilities talking about their everyday experiences. In promoting special needs, the video also promotes our current client, OCA, an organization who “enables individuals and families with autism or other disabilities the opportunity to maximize their abilities through functional, behavioral, social, recreational and vocational programs to live within the community.”

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