3 Things People With Developmental Disabilities Want You to Know

3 Things People With Developmental Disabilities Want You to Know


According to the Center for Disease Control, developmental disabilities are “a group of conditions due to an impairment in physical, learning, language, or behavior areas. About one in six children in the U.S. have one or more developmental disabilities or other developmental delays.”

The purposes of this publication is to help people better understand how treat people with developmental disabilities that way those with the disabilities can feel accepted and know that they have friends and support like everyone else. People with these different abilities are often treated differently because people don’t know how to act around them. This publication will shed light on this and how to best treat a person with a developmental disability.

The following are three things people with developmental disabilities want you to know:

  • People with developmental disabilities want to be accepted.
  • People with developmental disabilities are more similar to those without them than we realize.
  • Having a developmental disability means having different abilities, meaning that people with a developmental disability are just as capable as people without them, just in different ways.

For more information on developmental disabilities, please visit the following websites:

Medline Plus

The Mighty

Athens Council Board of Developmental Disabilities 

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