Shanara Ramirez Teaches English at Service Organizations in Span

After volunteering for four weeks at Asociacion Valdeperales, I worked at two different placements in Madrid for the next three weeks. The second volunteer site was called Play, Talk, and Cook. Play and Talk is a summer camp specifically designed to allow kids to have a hands-on summer camp where they are able to learn through fun games and activities. The summer camp is a collaboration of the following organizations: Serve the City and Asociacion Naturbana an association that works with creating different social initiatives that deal mainly with social inclusion of collectives and environment. The goal of Play and Talk is to create a space for children where they are able to learn English through fun activities. With the help of other volunteers, we ran the camp every day, creating different interactive activities for the children to do play. Halfway throughout the camp the kids would go to the kitchen and would make food. Every day they had a certain recipe to make from pasta to hummus and myself and the other volunteers would aid in the cooking process. My last week in Spain I volunteered at Asociacion Culturas Unidas. This program was formed by volunteers who worked with programs such as Children and Families, Social Integration, Development Cooperation and Training. The action area includes attention for families, immigrants with social difficulties, and disadvantaged children. Most of the children are of Bangladesh, Senegalese, and Latin America nationalities. As a volunteer I worked with social workers in the center to plan English tutoring workshops that focus on the basics of the English language. We also aided in games and craft activities. My time in Spain is one I will look back on, I met so many wonderful volunteers during my stay and all the children I met during my stay each were special. I am so happy to have been able to immersive myself in a different culture so six weeks.

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