Alexandra Sampedro reflects on Zurich Conference Experience

I have presented my Thesis a few times, and have discussed its topic with multiple people. All were from Rollins College, and most were very familiar with the topic of Marketing and Branding. Given this conference was international, and included multiple topics, not all that were present were familiar with Branding. To see their reaction to the presentation and to see how interested they were was very rewarding. After the presentation was completed, there was a Q&A section. I did not know what to expect in this section, and to my surprise there were multiple people who raised their hands. Before asking their questions, they congratulated the study and expressed their interest in the topic. Compared to the other presentations, this was not a usual response. I was very glad to hear that others, from other fields, found the topic of my Thesis interesting, and wanted to hear more about it, beyond what I had presented. This reaction from the audience really boosted my morale about my Thesis, made me feel proud of what I have accomplished, and gave me more incentive to want to continue working on it.

The last part of my Thesis was to address the gaps in the research. Once these were addressed, Dr. Fetscherin and I saw how there was so much potential to continue expanding on the Thesis After my graduation, we continued to work on these goals, and are continuously working towards publishing these studies. I enjoy the topic of Brand Hate and Brand Forgiveness, and enjoy continuing studying it. Nevertheless, it was great to see that other people enjoy it as well and are fascinated by it. Presenting my Thesis was a great experience, and receiving this reaction from the audience was even a better one.

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