Miya Furukawa: SEPA Conference

We arrived in Atlanta, Georgia on the afternoon on March 9th, just a day before we were supposed to present our poster on Friday morning from 10-11:15, at the Southeastern Psychological Association conference. On the morning of our poster session, Dr. Queen took Lexi and I to breakfast at a restaurant called Flying Biscuit. The restaurant was nice and was a good way to start off our day with some food in our systems before we presented. As this was my first psychology conference, I was a somewhat nervous to be presenting our research about the Growth Mindset and College Success to different people walking around. However, once our session started and I got used to speaking about our research, it was really fun to engage with different people about the work that we did. There were around twelve to fifteen people who came up and talked to us about our poster, which was a pretty good number considering that this conference was one of the smaller psychology conferences on the east coast. Some people who came up were fellow Rollins students and professors from the psychology department and others were either undergraduates or graduate students who were interested in what we did.

Overall, I think this was a good first psychology conference to go to because there were many different types of research and posters that others did. It was interesting to hear how they organized what they spoke about and see how they portrayed their research on their poster. Some of the presenters were less organized than others and some posters had more words than pictures or graphs on them, which made it difficult to read. I’m glad I gained the experience of speaking to other psychology students about our research and I also got the opportunity to learn about what research other students did.

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